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Business Analytics

Whether you need business analytics for a small enterprise or large enterprise, we can Do IT,Tooling Support & BI Analysis

Cloud Support

We are cloud savvy , we have worked with big giants of cloud technology i.e AWS, Google and many others

Automation Testing

We have excellent expertise with QA, Automation Tooling , W have implemented Enterprise QA & Automation testing solutions.

Mbvelo IT Consulting Overview

Welcome to Mbvelo IT Consulting , We are an IT Industry , we develop IT solutions for All use cases , we have vast knowledge , expertise & experience in different IT disciplines .i.e

  • Integration Management & Development
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile App Design & Development
  • Software Development
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Quality Assurance & Automation Testing
  • Business Analytics
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • DevOps – Cloud Infrastructure Development
  • General IT Implementation & Support

MBICT Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to become an Industrious IT Company producing IT Products & Services for solving human problems in their day to day activities and for future

Our Mission – we are a developing IT Company , with aim to groom young IT professionals and utilising their skills to build solid products for all

Founder Journey

Mbvelo IT Consulting was founded by Charles AKA Shmuel Netshivhera in 2010, I have been in the IT industry since 2005 , started as a Jumpstart Java Developer trained by TSC Technologies , I was given different roles Software testing , Java development for various corporates , later ventured into IBM Integration Development – after all this exciting technology stacks , I decided that for the Gaps I identified in the IT industry and around me Mbvelo will play a significant role in developing solutions for All.