Free Cloud Hosted Tools to use

Google Hangouts

Use your Google account to hang out with up to twenty-five guests. You can video chat on desktop, or using the app (available for iPhone and Android). 

Group FaceTime

For smaller get-togethers, set up a date to chat with FaceTime on your iPhone. Find it in the messages or FaceTime app. 

Netflix Party 

If you want to Netflix and chill as a group, Netflix party is a Chrome extension that allows you to sync your movie or show with your friends. Plus, it includes a group chat feature to share your commentary without interrupting the movie. Get everyone excited with a movie-themed Flyer invite to save the date and time you’ll hop on together. 

Pro Tip: Netflix Party only requires one person to install the extension, so set-up is simple. This makes it a great choice for getting together with grandparents or older relatives who aren’t as tech-savvy. 

Consider the number of guests 

Unlike an in-person get-together, it’s hard for multiple conversations to be going on at one time. A group of six tends to be great for intimate conversation. Larger groups are better when you want a chaotic-in-the-best-way hangout. If some guests don’t know each other, make sure to introduce everyone when they log in to the chat.

Get guests excited with an online party invitation

Sure, you could text or Slack people a link, but an invite lets you set the scene and nail the logistics. First, set a start and end time for guests to to their calendars. Then, make your online party invitation location virtual in your Paperless Post invite so they’ll have the link to the video feed handy. Most importantly, the invitation builds excitement at a time when we need social gatherings to look forward to more than ever.  

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